With the acquisition of Hivotec AG by myself , Philippe Emch, I welcome direct contact with our customers and try to increase the exchange of information in our partnership. I have therefore launched the HIVO-Club.

is exclusive for Hivotec customers

enables its members to get exclusive information about Hivotec and its products

enables its members to exchange experiences and information on an internal platform

enables its members to actively help create and determine the contents on this exclusive page

The members have to be active customers of Hivotec and do not accept additional obligations towards Hivotec AG.

Joining HIVO-Club expresses the pleasure in uncompromising technology.

Are you interested being a member? Then please fill out the following form and we will get back to you with the login information.

Subscribe to our HIVO Club

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After verification of your data we will send you the password for the access on our homepage. Your data is confidential and will not be used or distributed otherwise.

I look forward to greet you as a member of HIVO-Club and an active use of the new possibilities in this future tool.
As an active customer (with sales activity) you receive periodically the new password for your Login .
As customer without a sales history you receive the password for the next 2 years of your last activity and then we cease providing the Login Password.

If you want to quit HIVO-Club , you can do so any time by sending us a notice by mail.

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