Solutions for the Preparation of MV and HV Cables

for the last 20 years Hivotec has endeavored to provide optimum solutions for the cable industry and the installers of Medium and High Voltage Cables .

HIVOTEC stands for quality. We concentrate our efforts on the design and improvement of our Peeling Tools and Services, focused on maintaining our high standards.

Our product range includes a number of tools which have been developed in cooperation with our customers and partners to give the user the most reliable tool to prepare quality cable ends.

Tools and Solutions:
  • Peeling tools for the outer semi-conductive layer
  • Stripping tools for the main insulation
  • Sheathing cutters
  • Options for chamfering and slot making
  • Options for pencilling of cable ends
  • Special tooling for other applications upon request
  • Rental tools
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Technical Support

Manual Peeling and Stripping Tools

The Tool Models CP90, CP130 and CP185 tools are great manual tools mainly used by installers. The following operations can be carried out:

  • Stripping of sheathing
  • Peeling of outer bonded semiconductive layer
  • Stripping of main insulation
  • Chamfering of main insulation
  • Cutting a slot into the insulation

Unipower 34R Drive Attachment

Gear transmission to drive CP90 and CP130 with your own manual drilling machine. Easy to mount as needed.


  • Service and repair of tools
  • Resharpening of knives
    (minimun batch of 10 required)
  • Tool rentals
  • Technical support
  • Special tool designs

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